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Updated 21/04/2016

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Swimming pools

Faversham Outdoor Pool opens on 30th April.

During the winter Faversham's indoor pool is a great place for a swim, feeling cold?  it is a good place to warm up and lose a few of those extra calories.  Of course in May when it is warmer outside the outdoor pools open with rapids, kids pool, and even a high diving board, one of the few Lidos left in England, even rarer with a full set of diving boards, it can make a wonderful day out for the family.


Wonderful news, 2015 saw Turtle Doves back and purring!

We are looking forward to their return in 2016 and we have planted an acre of Turtle Dove seed mix.  We are also planning to establish a feeding point with the RSPB so that numbers can be monitored and hopefully 2016 will see more breeding success.

Did you know that we are one of the few places in the British Isles where you can still see and hear Turtle Doves.

Nature Notes.   Tawny Owls are still very vocal.  Around dusk they usually wake up and start calling to their family, these are really wonderful calls, not just the Toowhit Toohoo, but a wide range of quieter more plaintive and slightly squeaky calls some sounding to me like those party whistles that uncoil as you blow into them.  Occasionally they seem to be fighting making some strange almost growling sounds, you really need to know what you are listening to to believe it.

Our little Owls are still around, we didn't see much of them last summer, but we have realised that the tree they nested in has fallen over, In September I took delivery of two Little Owl nest boxes and withing days of putting them in their place they were visited by an owl.  Another first, we had a pair of Swallows nest in the Hostel Courtyard this year, here are their babies, literally singing for their supper.

Walking in the early evening will reveal our wonderful Tawny Owl population calling to each other, from just before dark when they start to wake and call out to find their family members, it is enchanting to hear, they call well past eleven pm on some days and always move to different trees each night.

Buzzards are still here on warmer sunny days, they can be seen or heard with their distinctive mewing call.  Come and watch their graceful flight at low level at the moment, they look huge!  A good place to watch birds is on The Isle of Sheppy at the Elmley National Nature Reserve, just a short drive from Palace Farm, or maybe at The Oare Marshes Reserve on the mainland near Faversham.

Red Kites are often seen overhead were more frequent in 2015, perhaps we will soon get a breeding pair in residence in Kent?  So come and spot a visitor, grab your bins and wellies!



Spring is definately here, you may still have to wrap up when there is a northerly wind blowing but I have had some wonderful walking so far this year and I have been playing with Apps on my phone to record my walks and work out how many calories I have burned, walking is great to help you get fit after the winter. We have been out this year looking at some more short to medium walks (up to 6 miles) where time permits and we have really enjoyed ourselves it is such a great place to walk, all walks will be available as printed maps for you to borrow and use.  Look at the Faversham web site at and on the menu bar go to "Visit Faversham" and select "Walking".  You will find a good selection of walks all with an interesting story to tell.  There are many good pubs in and around Faversham so start walking so you arrive at a pub for lunch, take a break, but not for too long as it is still getting dark very early, although the days are soon to start getting longer each day.  The walks all available to print or download contain so much information not just about the walk but about where to eat and stay, where to find produce and about visitor attractions.


Kent is an exciting and beautiful area to cycle in, with both challenging rides through the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and more leisurely rides along the coastal routes.  Here at Palace Farm both types of ride are available close at hand, so bring your bikes or hire one of ours for a wonderful activity break.  We love cycling and can give you advice on short and medium length rides locally and farther afield, Liz does like the coast so we know many traffic free or low traffic routes and are finding more each month.


With coastline around three side, Kent has a lot to offer the beach angler.  For Freshwater fishing there are quite a number of fishing lakes for you to explore.  see:  or google to find many fisheries in Kent.

The Chequers Inn Gayna and Shaun have been here a year now and are ready to give you a warm welcome and serve you with drinks and good home cooked food.  They have a coffee maker so pop in and have a coffee even if you are not ready for an alcoholic drink just yet.

What's on!

When visiting Faversham go to The Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre in Preston Street, Faversham.  There is a Museum and a shop with many interesting books and leaflets on Faversham's history, about local people and the surrounding area.

Guided Town Walks every Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday from Easter to October.  From the Museum, 12 Preston Street, Faversham.  Time:  10.30am (plus 14.30 June to August).  Duration:  1.5 hours.  Cost:  £5, £3 child, includes free entry to museum.  No booking required, for Group Bookings email:

Farmer's Markets.

Lenham Country market is one of the leading country markets in Mid Kent and hosts a large number of regular local stall holders The market is every 2nd Sunday of the month, and is only four miles from Palace Farm.

The country or farmers market is a means for many local producers to present their goods in a traditional Village Square setting.

Products available include, but are certainly not limited to the best quality: Trees, Shrubs, Sweets, cakes, bread, meats varying from specialist ham through to steak, sausages and mince, pies, plant & decorative pots and urns, collectables, gifts, honey, cheese both local and international, along with subsidiary markets in the Community Hall.

The village has a popular bakery, florist, newsagent, a convenience store in the square, two pubs, a butcher's shop, a cafe, antiques and many other businesses.
Market day is often visited by our Town crier, and is invariably sunny! The pubs and many of the local shops open for the day.

For other Farmer's Markets in Kent see:

Shepherd Neame Brewery.  Go to their Award Winning Visitor Centre in Court Street, there is a shop and you can also take tours of the Brewery and find out about Britain's oldest Family Brewery, and of course sample some of their beers all brewed in the town.  See also:  Music in The Old Brewery Store 

Best of Faversham' Market, Preston Street, Faversham.  Faversham is renowned for its food and drink products and boasts a growing industry of arts and crafts. Enjoy a selection of them all in one place at the 'Best of Faversham' Market, on the first Saturday of every month in Preston Street. The regular Saturday market will be in its usual location in Market Place and Court Street.When: 9am to 4pm      Contact:

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